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Grape To Glass

We source the finest materials from around the world to produce the best possible wines imaginable.

We source our grapes from select vineyards in Napa Valley and Lake County, California.

Cabernet Sauvignon almost ready to pick from Beckstoffer George III Vineyard, Napa Valley.

California grown grapes give us the flavour profile we are looking for in a wine: Full bodied, ripe fruit, lush tannins, and very approachable.

The vineyards we source from are some of the most sought after grapes in North America. In Napa Valley they include Beckstoffer Vineyards: George the Third Vineyard in Rutherford, Los Amigas Vineyard in Los Carneros and Stagecoach Vineyards on Pritchard Hill.  At 1900 ft. above the valley floor, this site is renowned for it's beautiful mountain-grown fruit.

We are also sourcing from select vineyards in Lake County.  Just north of Napa Valley, this well-known but increasingly important region produces amazing fruit. 


We receive the grapes at our winemaking/tasting room facility in Surrey, BC and begin processing them within 36 hours of harvest. 

Our winemaking process is both unique and
meticulous. We pay attention to every detail to achieve perfect balance in the wine. No single element should overpower another.  The fruit, the oak structure, the tannin, the acidity, the alcohol, are all harmoniously and expertly integrated. 

Our Winery/Tasting Room in Surrey is open everyday.  Call us to arrange a tour and we will be more than happy to show you around and explain why our winemaking is so special, and why our wines taste so unique.



Cavallo Winery capsules ready to hit the bottling line.

We use the best corks available to ensure the lowest chance of cork taint.