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Cavallo Winery

We are a collection of individuals with diverse backrounds, brought together by the passion for great wine. Our collective experience in winemaking and operations, has made it simple for us to produce amazing wine. The unique winemaking protocols and procedures we use bring out the best qualities in the world's greatest fruit.

If it isn't the best, we are not interested.

Cavallo Winery has uncomprimising dedication to the art of winemaking, "if it isn't the best, we are not interested."  We source the absolute finest materials to create the best wines imaginable. The fruit we use comes from select vineyards in California, including some of the most renowned in Napa Valley with fruit selected from microclimates best suited to each particular varietal and style of wine.  We care equally about processing: the press is German, our bottling line is Italian, our tanks were built in British Columbia, our cooperage in Napa Valley crafts and toast our barrels to exacting specifications.

Our meticulous selection of materials and unique winemaking procedures, yield an
Ultra-premium wine with exceptional taste traditionally found in only the most elite and expensive wines. 


We make wine with one thing in mind.........balance.
Everything in the wine must integrate seamlessly: The tannin, alcohol, acidity, fruit, and oak must be an expertly choreographed dance with nothing out of place and everything in perfect synchrony.

We make our wines to be the perfect dance partner for your meal or to enhance an evening with friends.