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The Francesco Gigliotti Collezione Privata, Frank's private collection. These three wines are what we think, are the finest expression of what Napa Valley can grow, in conjuction with meticulous selection and winemaking.

Collezione Privata
We have created a series of wines made exclusively for our wine club members. "The Club Cavallo" series are all small lot, and experimental blends, never more than 50 cases.

Club Exclusives

Our Cavallo brand focuses on single varietal wines that come from a single vineyard. We source fruit from regions in Napa Valley and California where that particular varietal thrives and makes the best quality wine possible.


"Cavallino" means "little horse".
This is our entry level brand where we put emphasis on approachability, drinkability, and value. Ready to take home and be the perfect accompaniment for dinner and friends.




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